About Joules

Owner of Analogue Rock Records, producer of "Este es Francisco Yglesia", administrator of FranciscoYglesia.co.uk. Likes Belgian beer.

Album Release Date

We can confirm that Francisco’s new album will be released, worldwide as a digital download, on Monday 12th April 2010. It will be available in all the usual digital stores, including Amazon and iTunes.

Full details here.

Album News

Recording and mastering on Francisco’s next album is finally complete!

Recorded in the summer at St. Thomas’s Church Stockport, England, “This is Francisco Yglesia” is a dramatic and joyous testament to the awe and wonder of the Paraguayan harp.

The track selection is a mixture of traditional Paraguayan and other Latin pieces (including his signature ‘Pajaro Campana’), plus several of his own striking compositions (not least the often-covered ‘Vamos Amigos’). Also included is a mesmerising acoustic re-recording of ‘Shimmering Harp’ from his debut 1980 album of the same name, and an all-new cover of Passion Pit’s contemporary and evocative “Sleepyhead”.

Full track listing:

  1. El Tren Lechero (Milk Train)
  2. Isla Saca
  3. Shimmering Harp
  4. Ñanduti (Spider’s Web)
  5. Carreta Güy (Under the Oxcart)
  6. Espejos (Mirrors)
  7. Pajaro Campana (Bell Bird)
  8. Misionera
  9. Colorado
  10. Cascada
  11. Sleepyhead
  12. Vamos Amigos

The album showcases Francisco, and the Paraguayan harp, like neither have been recorded before. He plays all 12 tracks live, solo & unaccompanied, and they’ve been in captured in pin-sharp high fidelity. This is the definitive Paraguayan Harp album.

We hope to confirm a release date very soon. Keep an eye on this website for further news, or follow Francisco on Facebook or Twitter.