Album News

Recording and mastering on Francisco’s next album is finally complete! Recorded in the summer at St. Thomas’s Church Stockport, England, “This is Francisco Yglesia” is a dramatic and joyous testament to the awe and wonder of the Paraguayan harp. The track selection is a mixture of traditional Paraguayan and other Latin pieces (including his signature ‘Pajaro Campana’), plus several of his own striking compositions (not least the often-covered ‘Vamos Amigos’). Also included is a mesmerising acoustic re-recording of ‘Shimmering Harp’ from his debut 1980 album of the same name, and an all-new cover of Passion Pit’s contemporary and evocative “Sleepyhead”. … Continue reading

New Video: “Sleepyhead”

There’s a new video posted on this site! During the first recording session for the album, Francisco improvised a jam around the Passion Pit song ‘Sleepyhead’, although it was actually inspired by a cover of the song by the band ‘Run Toto Run’. You can view the video here, or also on YouTube or Facebook.